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I'm married (45 years) to my wonderful (sometimes) husband, Peter and have two wonderful (sometimes) grown-up (sometimes) children. I also am a grandmother to five gorgeous and wonderful (sometimes) grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. I am a self taught 'tatter'... 'Tatting' is lace-making with a shuttle instead of with bobbins - though I can also make lace in the traditional way too. I enjoy knitting and also crochet, and have tried many other arts and crafts - but always go back to tatting. I write poetry, and if I didn't have fibromyalgia I'd probably enjoy long walks through the forest and along the beach too :)

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hi ho here goes!

well as my dear daughter Sheleen set this blog up for me I thought I had better "blog" something. I love to tat, I also knit, but tatting is my real  love! I have several things on the go at this time one, a Star  of David  for hubby Pete, a mat for sister Dido and a bookmark for my friend Una, so am never without a shuttle in hand.


  1. Hi Mum!
    Welcome to the world of blogger... you'll be hooked, and spend too much time reading loads of other people's blogs very soon. It's not so much "welcome to the dark side"... more "Welcome to the Blogging side... " And what's better, is we really do have candy here :) (I'll tell you all about that on Saturday)

  2. Thanks Sheleen, I hope the candy hasn't much sugar in it cause I have put on over a stone in weight already. Who would have thought a seven and a half stone lightweight would end up this way. ( certainly not your father, Sheleen!! )

  3. Hi Margaret! I love Sheleen's blog and she's one of my favourite 'internet friends' - so I had to hop over, say Hi and become a Follower :) Welcome to blogging and looking forward to seeing what you're up to! Di x

  4. Hi Margaret!
    A warm (chilly over here, actually), Canadian welcome to blogland! Looking forward to seeing photos of your work!

  5. Hi Margaret another follower of Sheleen here and a fellow fibromite look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work, Michelle xxx

  6. Hi Margaret! I admire Sheleen's creativity a lot, so of course I had to come to the source lol!

    best of luck with the blog